Bring your body and mind back into balance with our different range of massages. Unwind completely in our premium massage rooms. Our team of experienced massage therapists work personally and attentively in a pleasant atmosphere. We offer different types of massages: relaxing, deep tissue and sport massages. 

Relaxing massage

Unwind and relax in our premium massage room.

Deep-tissue massage

Remove muscle tention and experience ultimate stress relieve.

Sport massage

Loosen the muscles for faster recovery after your workout.


This treatment is a miracle for people who have an active life and work out a lot. Bodyworks is a tailor made combination of sports massage, stretching and joint mobilisation to bring your body back in balance and prevent it from injuries.

Pregnancy Massage

This gentle, relaxing pregnancy massage stimulates blood circulation and eases pregnancy issues. Suitable as of the 2nd trimester.

Each treatment is specifically tailored to your personal needs and wishes. We offer a broad selection of beautiful and rich massage oils. Oils that are selected for you from all over the world. Our oils are enriched with the best quality natural ingredients and fine aroma's. To give you the best massage experience our massage therapist are dedicated to give you that wonderful post-massage feeling. At Physical Studio's it's all about the details. 

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