Future proof your body with this unique Bodyworks treatment of Physical Studio. This treatment is a miracle for people who have an active life and work out a lot. The treatment is a combination of sports massage, stretching and joint mobilisation to bring your body back in balance and prevent it from injuries.

Sports massage

Muscle and fascial stretching

Joint mobilisation

This new treatment is the icing on the cake of what Physical Studio has to offer. This is where all our specialisms come together for maximum results. The following methods are used during this holistic treatment.

During the firm sports massage, we ensure that your tired and sore muscles are properly loosened. Stretching arms, legs and spine to eliminate shortening in muscle and fascia so you can move freely again

Finally, joint mobilisation to reduce stiffness and misalignment in joints and posture.

Take good care of your body with this complete preventive treatment. Because prevention is better than cure!

Simply book an appointment online with one of our professional therapists. After the treatment you can enjoy the fresh healthy smoothie at our health bar. Warning! this can be very addictive.

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