Lab Research & Health Plan

Are you suffering from health issues and don't know exactly where it's coming from? If you want more insight into your health, a lab test can be helpful to gain more insight. Based on different tests we can see what deficiencies or disturbances are underlying your complaints, what your body needs to function optimally and where there is room to recover. Together we can work on a sustainable recovery.

Our Lab Tests

In this section you'll find details of the lab tests we use to get more clarity on the root causes of certain symptoms. Most clients begin with a 30-minute online or in-person consultation to determine which tests are most appropriate for their needs.

Lab testing is not always necessary to make a difference for your symptoms. Yes, it gives you additional information about what your body needs right now, but know that with simple tips or a brief consultation, you can already make a real difference.

Hormone test

You can test your hormones three times a day with saliva to create a clear graph showing how they change throughout the day. We check for Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA and Progesterone.

Food Intolerance Test

We offer several test options for food intolerances, with amounts ranging from 20 to 80.

Microbiome Test

We evaluate the condition of your gut by examining factors such as digestive enzymes, pH levels, inflammatory markers and the presence of a leaky gut.

Vitamin Test

Get a comprehensive analysis of 16 vitamins and 15 minerals to detect any deficiencies.


1 Food intolerance test 20 products € 173.
2 Food intolerance test 40 products € 253.
3 Food intolerance test 80 products € 334.
4 Comprehensive stool test/intestinal health check € 492.
5 Hormone test (male or female) € 274.
6 Energy metabolism test € 246,-
7 Vitamin tests from € 20.
8 Health plan € 150,-

Do you want to work together on recovery? Then based on your research results we can guide you with a personal Health Plan with advice on nutrition adjustments and supplementation, among other things.

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