We want to offer you the opportunity to map the vitality and health of your body by means of periodic body scans. Based on the body scan, we make an extensive report and vitality plan with concrete advice on how your body can increase vitality. If necessary, we can provide guidance in our studio.

With our bodyscan we map out the following things

  • Physical complaints
  • Body strength and mobility
  • Stress
  • Sleep quality
  • Inbody scan for all biometric data
  • Posture and stance
  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • General well-being & mental well-being

What does the body scan and vitality plan provide?

Our Inbody body scan provides measurable, periodic insight into your health. With the body scan we create insights on the things that are going well and on improvements that can be made. We create awareness of current condition compared to means and draw up a vitality plan to enable positive change. Based on the vitality plan, we offer the opportunity to work on your plan. We can possibly guide you in our studio and are happy to tell you more about this during the intake. 

The introduction price for the bodyscan and vitality plan is €95,- (normally 195,-).

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